Friday, October 1, 2010

Media Staff Activities in August and September

We received 100’s of Requests from Teachers, Students, and Staff for:

  • Print resources in our non-fiction and reference collections
  • HCPSS database access, resource navigation, and orientations

Back to School Night Video

  • Almost 25 hours of production time:

    • Taping 23 staff members, up to the day of Back to School Night!
    • Downloading taped video to digital form in iMovie
    • Editing each separate audio and video clip
    • Exporting video to a compatible format for our closed circuit TV system
    • Testing final versions for broadcast

Tech Help Desk Requests for:

  • Media Center computers and printers
  • Equipment requests
  • Software and Hardware problems
  • Wiring requests

Library Circulation System Set-up

Our library materials circulation system tracks who has what material where. This system received a baffling upgrade over the summer making it unrecognizable to media staff across the county.

Kudos to Deb Young who, since the start of the school year:

  • sorted it all out,
  • implemented all the changes, and is still
  • working on changes that must be completed manually!

Tech Tip: Google Forms - quick & pretty surveys!

With Google Forms individuals can create professional quality surveys. Google will collect all of the responses for you in a spreadsheet. If your questions are prepared ahead of time, a form can be created in just a few minutes. To create a form you will need a Google account which at over five minutes, may be the longest part of this task.

Below are two forms I have created. The first is an example from I embedded in this blog post. The second is a form accessed via a link in a lesson I taught last year.

1. Embedded Form - Practice entering answers and see your responses at the bottom. Responses will also appear in a full-size spreadsheet in your GoogleDocs page.

2.Form accessed as a link in a webquest:
Scroll half way down the webquest until you see "Form."

Webquest lesson link